Kinetitec Corporation offers customizable friction reduction solutions via our patented Induratec™ Process.

There are several differentiating characteristics that sets the Induratec™ treatment apart from other solutions:
  • The Induratec™ Process mechanically micro-alloys a friction reducing compound into the surface substrate. The advantage of micro-alloying the subsurface with friction reducing compounds is that, unlike a coating, the process does not experience the typical failure modes such as flaking, chipping, peeling or cracking.

  • The Induratec™ Process is not limited to one application, or material. With advanced modeling capability, statistical capability, and tribological and metallurgical lab equipment, our engineers are able to simulate field variables, analyze the results, and optimize the most favorable solution for almost any given application.

  • The Induratec™ Process does not appreciably change the dimension of the surface treated, allowing tight dimensional tolerances to be maintained. Precision parts do not have to be re-engineered to accommodate for additional thickness as they would typically need to be with a coating.

Test results of Induratec™ treated parts show reduction in friction ranging from 40% to 87% on dry surfaces, temperature reductions of three (3) fold, and wear reductions of over 90% in certain applications.

The graph below illustrates the difference in Coefficient of Friction results for 52100 Steel.

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